Terrace awnings

A professional awning, for cafés, camp grounds, hotels, and restaurants.

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Your sheltered terrace for enahnced comfort and additional covered seating

To create an awning for their business and to guarantee rapid installation so as not to limit customer traffic, we have installed shelters for cafes, hotels, and restaurants that:

  • Optimize your clients' comfort with permanent access to a shaded and sheltered terrace
  • Extend your dining area in order to increase the number of seats for diners as needed, without any effort
  • Install an awning for your terrace quickly, without having to do heavy construction 

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They trust us

Texabri technical details



All of our structures are made of galvanized and powder-coated steel for optimal protection against corrosion.

Our fabrics are designed using a PVC membrane with Jersey weave to allow natural light to shine through and with resistance to extreme wind

  • Weave: up to 1100 g/m2
  • Fire resistance class: M2
  • 10-year warranty


Texabri offers a wide selection of parking lot shelters, in standard sizes, or with the possibility for made-to-order shelters, based on the specifications of your environment.

There are many ways to customize your product:

  • The type of structure: movable or fixed posts, round or square, with the possibility for an angle
  • The color of the steel that make up your structure
  • Choose from about ten colors (color palette photo) to customize your fabric based on the colors of your sign
  • The design on the fabric (logo, slogan, indication, etc.)


  • Water collection devices in different shapes (square, dome-shaped, etc.)
  • Lighting systems with LEDs, neon T5 lighting, or fluorescent lighting
  • Fabric or hard panel dividers


All of the Texabridrive-thru shelters strictly meet the standards of the CTS regulations (Big Tops, Tents, and Structures) or NV65, in order to resist high winds.

All of our fabrics are fireproof and class M2.

Why Texabri?

French manufacturing

Over 20 years of French expertise

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A free visualization of your project so that you can verify your selections


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Products that meet the CTS/NV65 standards for optimal safety

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Up to 10-year warranty

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