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Texabri demonstrates its leadership in its designs for drive-thru shelters

Over the past few years, drive-thus for supermarkets have revolutionized the way the French do their grocery shopping. Texabri, manufacturer of stretch fabric shelters, has become a comprehensive and accommodating partner with the largest store brands in creating shelters to cover these drive-thrus.

More than 350 drive-thru shelters have already been installed throughout France! It only took a few years for Texabri to prove its quality with the biggest store brands. After two of its major partners decided to implement customized drive-thru shelters nationally, Texabri became the preferred partner for superstores and supermarkets.

Texabri’s drive-thru awnings have strategic advantages for developing these new types of points of sale. Their rapid installation, the customizable stretch fabric, and the ability of Texabri teams to adapt to all types of constraints have made it a top choice in the field.

Texabri drive-thru awnings selected by the retail sector

At the same time that Texabri drive-thru shelters were being installed throughout France, two top media companies specialized in retail, LSA Conso et Linéaires, decided, in turn, to feature the stretch fabric shelters offered by the Isère-based company in their equipment drive-thru accounts.

The Drive-Thru Workshops organized by Linéaires, one of Texabri's partners, on October 1st in Paris, brought together leaders in the field on key topics for developing their points of sale. On November 13, Texabri will again sponsor the LSA Conference on the challenges of drive-thrus, alongside other distributors.

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