Building a school playground shelter: a closer look at the regulations to be applied.


For schools that would like to create a school playground shelter, there are specific regulations that need to be applied, as well as administrative steps to be followed. Texabri reviews the essential information to remember.

The playground: the most important space for children

At school, if you ask students what is their favorite part of the day, most of them will say “recess” without hesitation. More than a break when students can get some air, recess is an essential time for developing their civic-mindedness. By law, the duration of recess for nursery schools and elementary schools is set at a minimum of 15 minutes per half-day (Resolution of January 25, 2002, published in the Official Journal of February 10, 2002).


The school playground is at the heart of the school

Constructing a school playground shelter to welcome students during these breaks seems inevitable. A 1989 document from the National Ministry of Education, cited by the National United Union of Teachers and Professors of Schools and General Education Teachers at Middle Schools, set the regulations for constructing a school playground shelter and for organizing the layout of the recess schoolyard at nursery schools and elementary schools. According to this text, the recess area must have a minimum size of 400 m2 for nursery schools and 200 m2 for elementary schools. These two minimum standards are modified based on the number of classes at the school; for each additional class, an additional 100 m2 of recess space must be added.

The size of the school playground shelters is set at a minimum of 100 m2 for nursery schools with 5 classes or less, and at a minimum of 150 m2 for nursery schools with 6 classes and more. For elementary schools, the playground shelters must cover a total surface area of 0.80 m2 per student at the school.

School playground shelters designed to guarantee children's safety.

Therefore, building a school playground shelter at a school is an important project. School directors and local groups place a lot of emphasis on this essential space and expect their supplier to offer them a simple and reliable all-inclusive solution. Texabri, the school playground shelter manufacturer, has developed a range of metal and textile shelters for schools. The resistance and safety of these school playground shelters makes them the trusted choice of school directors, since they have solid safety guarantees, all while requiring fewer administrative steps.

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