Drive-thru shelter: Intermarché Roussillon

We appreciated the responsiveness of the company, which advised us rapidly and supported us throughout the project.

D.D. - Intermarché

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About the retailer

Intermarché is a major retailer that is part of the Les Mousquetaires Group, founded in 1969.

Context and objective

The project entailed two challenges. The first and most significant was in outlining the supermarket drive-thru space. The goal was to clearly mark a dedicated area for drive-thru clients. The second was to create a space clearly identified by clients via an attractive architecture, which would be light and different from that normally found at gas stations.

Proposed solution

In order to respond to this request, the Texabri team proposed two structures measuring 5.8 m x 5 m, with T-shaped, red posts, in order to match the brand.

In addition to the robust steel structure, this drive-thru shelter was equipped with lighting and a gray fabric with the Intermarché logo.


In the client's words

I appreciated the responsiveness of the company, which rapidly advised us and supported us during the entire project.

D.D  - Intermarché Roussillon


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