School playground shelter – School Dammartin-en-Goele

First and foremost we appreciated the responsiveness of the sales team in answering our technical and administrative questions, as well as the time spent upstream in providing us with advice.

D.P – School Henri Dunant

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About the school

The Henry Dunant School Group, based in Dammartin-en-Goële, is made up of an elementary school and a nursery school.

Context and objective

As part of the renovation of the Dammartin school, the challenge of the project was both to ensure the comfort of students at the school, and to do so in record time, in order to satisfy students and their parents, and in order to allow the school to make progress on the remaining construction. The technical constraints were relatively minor (accessible construction site, relatively flat ground), so the major expectation of the client was focused on us, in terms of the very fast responsiveness of the consulted suppliers.

Proposed solution

In order to satisfy the aesthetic and technical requirements, a Texcover model was selected. Its specifications:

  • A structure made out of steel with a peripheral chassis
  • Metal gutters to direct the flow of water in order to obtain natural drainage via the posts
  • A beige fabric measuring 1000 g/m2 for greater resistance to the effects of weather.

Finally, in order to create an outline for the recess area and to provide protection in case of collisions, alveolar polycarbonate translucent walls were used, which was preferable over glass walls.


In the client's words

All of the members of the school unanimously voted for Texabri, since its structure used four posts combined with a stretch fabric that best satisfied our aesthetic requirements. First of all, we appreciated their availability and the responsiveness of the sales team in answering our technical and administrative questions, in addition to the time spent ahead of construction in advising us. Secondly, it was important that we were able to count on an autonomous partner to manage the project. Texabri immediately advised us on how to carry out the work, such as working with a local company to prepare the foundations, and they were very quick to coordinate everyone involved. When everyone works together efficiently, you gain time and meet deadlines: what more could you ask!

D.P – School Dammartin-en-Goële


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